Wednesday, February 22, 2012

32 Hours After

Dear God, I am thankful for my mother and every minute that I had her. I am thankful for the three voicemails I still have from her. I am thankful for you choosing me to be this great ladies cherished daughter. I am thankful that we were so close and that we were best friends. I am thankful for the cold cold air outside that is helping me breathe at the moment. I am thankful that I held her hand the last two days of her human life here on earth, and maybe helped her a little. I am thankful for the strength to be the strong one, and make the calls, and make the decisions. I am thankful that we all made it through the first day without her, together. I am so thankful for my husband. Shock is starting to wear off, and the hole is getting like Hayden says dear lord, I need a little bit of help today. Help me to find that peace I have had the last three days, that has run away overnight. A mere 24 hours after you took her home to be with her, is Thanksgiving day, and I have to lead my grieving, heartbroken family through it. Her last request was planning turkey day menu with me at my house, so Ben is cooking her menu, we are honoring that request. Thankful for all the best friends, family, extended family I have pulling me through this...dear god I just need a lil bit o help right now. Amen! ...  

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