Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today I have found the words...I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the best friends and family a girl could ask for. Thank you to Julie Cochran for driving from Beckley to babysit so we could make funeral arrangments. Thank you to Libby Salyers for listening on my first Thanksgiving without my mother. Thank you to Amy Farley for being there everyday, for midnight Black Friday Walmart shopping, for along with your husband Jeff Farley, kidnapping Ben and I from all the sadness and madness, to escape for a little while. Amy you have been my lifeline. Who else would understand the need to honor my moms request, and insist on going with me, and then having Libby and Chad join us to make it a rainbow party? Thank you Amy for dinner and my fishbowl, and Libby and Chad Salyers for accompanying us for our lil Carla celebration dinner! Thank you to Angie Miles, Debbie Michael for my first threeway breakdown, and to you and the girls for the food. Thank you to Melissa and Teresa Cisco, and Amy for the food and paper products. Thank you to Erin Hutchinson for the food, sharing the preview,and our little girls playdate. Thank you Linda for the food and my daddies favorite cake. Thank you Libby for the Angel to remember my mommies green eyes. Thank you to all the Rainbow girls for the beautiful memorial service for my momma, she was smiling down from heaven, it meant so very much. You all meant so very much to her. Thank you to my mommies grand family for all being there for her Eastern Star service. Thank you to my daddies co workers for supporting him, and for the food Jessica. Thank you to Comer, Goof, Jessica, Jeremy and Means for being there for my brother. Thank you to Vickie and Jim Wannall, Jean and Tom Reedy, Alex and Thomas Harris(and AJ)for just being there for me. Thank you to Stacy Wright for being my brothers rock, his soul mate, and for taking care of my daddy. That lil one sure is a lucky lil guy to have you for his mommy. Thank you to my daddy for being here for me too. Thank you to everyone for any little thing you may have done, a kind word, food, flowers, hugs, shoulders to cry on, from my family and I. We are forever in your debt. Lastly, thank you to my wonderful husband, Benjamin Harris. Thank you for always knowing what I need, always taking such good care of me, of my family, for cooking Thanksgiving dinner as mom and I had planned, for making our house the gathering place, for Dad and Andys first WVU tailgate party without mom, for doing the dishes, the laundry, for taking care of Hayden, for giving me space when I needed a little, for cleaning, for arranging babysitters, for being my soul mate and my rock, all without a word. I love you more than words and would be lost without you. I am a lucky girl!

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