Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hardest Day Yet

Today marks 2 months since I last spent the day with you, last held your hand, last run my fingers through your hair, last spoke with you, last time I gazed into your beautiful green eyes, last time I wiped your tears, last handed you kleenex, last tucked you in, and the last time I gazed upon the face that I loved most in all the world, my mothers. I am heartbroken without you. Today I cannot stop the tears that run unchecked down my face, for I miss you so very badly. I just want to call or drop by and tell you all about Andy and Stacy's baby shower, and my surgery, and cute lil things that Hayden does, but I cannot. We've all been doing alright, but we all have our days where the grief is overwhelming. Today is my hardest day so far. I am, as Andy said, in pieces without you. It's the first 2 months in my life that I haven't talked to my mother, seen my mother, or helped my mother. You will always be my mother, my best friend. There are no more words to express my grief over losing you....I love you mommy!

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